*NEW* interview: Rob talks tabloids, Twilight and fame

“I am a dan­ger to myself”
“Eclipse” star Robert Pat­tin­son speaks, in this inter­view, about sex appeal, a move to Tokyo, and his masochis­tic core.
There are cer­tainly no inter­view ques­tions which Robert Pat­tin­son hasn’t already heard. Despite that, mil­lions of teens in the world des­per­ately want to repeat every world that the “Twi­light” vam­pire gives them. Rea­son enough for fem.com, once more, to inter­cept and grill him dur­ing his PR tour for his new film, “Eclipse.”
We asked the 24 year-old about his sex-symbol image, sup­posed dates with Paris Hilton, and his mama, and found out about things that you still don’t know.
Robert, can you quickly sum­ma­rize, for all the new­com­ers, what hap­pened in the first and sec­ond parts of the Twi­light Saga?
“The Plot of the first part revolves around how great it feels when you are really in love for the first time. The sequel, ‘New Moon’, in con­trast, shows the neg­a­tive aspects of love: the fear and doubt which emerge when you’re in a com­mit­ted relationship.”

“Eclipse” starts this sum­mer and the finale, “Break­ing Dawn,” is already under­way. Why the rush?
“The pro­duc­tion has one huge prob­lem: we actors will all be older. Because of that we don’t have a lot of time and have to really hurry.”
Speak­ing of older: do you know then, lit­tle tricks to keep young?
“No, the oppo­site, I live extremely unhealth­ily and do—if I’m honest—only very lit­tle to stave off the aging process.”
All the same, peo­ple con­sider you a sex sym­bol and dream-man: What is sexy in your eyes?
“Lit­tle to noth­ing, if I really think about it. At school, for a long time, I was a real geek. Today I’d say I’m in dan­ger of becom­ing masochis­tic. (laughs)”
Mil­lions of girls and boys look to you. Do you see your­self as a role model?
“Not really. I mostly want to be nice to my fel­low man to treat every­one in the same man­ner. Many actors are inclined to raise up and look down on other peo­ple. In this career, it’s really, really easy to be a com­plete asshole.”
You have two older sis­ters. Do they always bring you back to real­ity?
“Oh yeah. Already from the time that I was 18 they explained to me: if you hadn’t started styling your hair with gel, then you still would have always been one of these plain, bor­ing peo­ple. (Laughs)”
Your mother report­edly believes all the crazy sto­ries which, in your case, are ram­pant. How do you con­vince her that you don’t go out drink­ing every night, and haven’t had an affair with Paris Hilton?
“I’m sorry, what? I have never been on a date with Paris Hilton. Unfor­tu­nately, I use my mother fre­quently dur­ing inter­views when no other fas­ci­nat­ing anec­dotes come to mind. Nat­u­rally she doesn’t believe a word of any of it.”
What do you think about the fact that the media dis­sect your pri­vate life and your rela­tion­ships with a vari­ety of female co-stars in order to pro­mote the Twi­light films?
“To start, let the mag­a­zines and tabloids sell them­selves. Whether or not the films gain because of that, I don’t know. I, per­son­ally, def­i­nitely don’t help it. (Laughs)”
Hand on your heart: In what way has the Twi­light Saga changed your life?
“If you find your­self in the eye of a storm, you’re not in a posi­tion to judge what goes on around you. Maybe I’ll be able to think it over in two or three years. At the moment I feel the whole thing is like a super­nova: We shoot a film one after the other and the phe­nom­e­non grows and grows. And presently I stand in front of 20,000 scream­ing fans and haven’t the faintest idea who they’re call­ing for. I think it will still be a lit­tle while longer until I real­ize that they mean me.”
How do you evade the hordes of young girls scream at you and even want to be bit­ten by you?
“This mass hys­te­ria can already some­times be scary, but per­son­ally I have still never had any­one do some­thing to me. Only once, dur­ing the shoot for ‘Lit­tle Ashes’, I had a stalker, who always waited for me at my apartment.”
Last sum­mer you shot the film “Remem­ber Me” in New York. Could you stay unaf­fected there?
“Not really. In New York it’s nearly impos­si­ble. Although it was only a really lit­tle project, thou­sands of peo­ple were stand­ing around the set.”
Is there still one city where you can run around on the streets unrec­og­nized?
“The only place where that hap­pens now is Tokyo. I debated for a short time about mov­ing there. (Laughs)”
Do you have plans in the future to do some­thing against this abnor­mal state of affairs?
“I can’t really do any­thing against it, other than to pull myself com­pletely out of the pub­lic eye, in order to lead a nor­mal life. But I don’t know if that lit­tle anonymity is worth the cost. I mean, that the whole hype is over just as quickly as it came. Then it doesn’t bother me at all.”
In which sit­u­a­tions does it seem dif­fer­ent, how extra­or­di­nary your life appears?
“The only time that it’s really bizarre, is when I want to visit friends and need a body­guard in order to do it.”
Do your friends like the spec­ta­cle?
“No, most of them don’t like the glam­our and the whole she­bang at all. It doesn’t influ­ence them in any way. It doesn’t affect me either, by the way.”
At what place to you crave to be back the most, when you look back on your old life?
“I had this fan­tas­tic, old Lon­don apart­ment in Soho. You could climb onto the roof and it had a won­der­ful view of the city. Nearly every day I was up there, play­ing music, writ­ing songs, and tried to include them.”
What do you have planned for next, once the last part, “Break­ing Dawn,” is fin­ished?
“It’s not very easy to choose what I want to do after that. Because ‘Twi­light’ is that suc­cess­ful and brings in so much money, you feel as though you’re par­a­lyzed. It exists the fear, one could lose if he takes the wrong step. In the event that the next film is a flop, every­one will say: See, he was only a one-hit-wonder. The impres­sion is, there­fore, huge.”

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