Letters to the ELLE editors in ELLE's August issue on Kristen's June ELLE

"Wow, thanks for showing me a glimpse of the wonderfully awkward Kristen Stewart [The Kristen Stewart Saga," June 2010]. What a breath of fresh air to have an actress come across as being so real. I may not be a Twi-hard, but I sure can see why the fans are so captivated by her. Major props to Amanda Fortini on the article."
- Hope, Columbia, SC

"Thank you for the excellent Kristen Stewart interview and incredibly sexy photographs. She's such an intriguing and complicated actress. It's refreshing to see and hear someone who actually cares about what they do. I'd never read ELLE before this issue. However, after reading it cover to cover, I'm going to check it out again."
- Lorraine, Chino Hills, CA

"I've been waiting anxiously for you to put one of the ladies from Twilight on the cover of your magazine, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Kristen Stewart! I admire her for being distinctly different from many actors her age. She's serious about her work and doesn't take her fame as a ticket to act like an empty-headed diva. I don't think she's given enough credit. Thank you for such a wonderful article, as well as the gorgeous photos."
- April, El Paso, TX

Transcription from @zzdeb twitter / scan from @MadeInIllinoiz/via

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