*Eclipse Spoiler* New Eclipse Clip - Bella/Charlie "The Sex Talk"


  • Lmao also one of my fav scenes, I really enjoyed all the Charlie and Bella scenes + the uncomftorble sarchastic father who didnt like edward. Best movie so far, So whats your fav scene?

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2 Responses to *Eclipse Spoiler* New Eclipse Clip - Bella/Charlie "The Sex Talk"

  1. LOVE Billy Burke as Charlie - some of his expressions and acnotes (not sure how to spell it) are priceless!!! He so brings Charlie alive. Love this scene - I actually squeee... with approval after this scene was over. LOL!!! I also love the both meadow scenes with Edward & Bella and Jasper & Bella's conversation about his past.

  2. What about the Bedroom scene? i loved the way Edward looked. hes absolutely so handsome


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