Big Day in Kristen Stewart Movie News

Today is a rather big day in Kristen Stewart movie news.

For starters, Kristen Stewart's Speak (from 2004) is now available online for viewing on Indie Movies Online, and if you happen to be located in one of the territories where access to the film is provided, you can watch it streaming from the site for free.

Speak is one of Kristen Stewart fans' most revered films, not just for the performances but also for the film's message. It co-stars Michael Angarano and Elizabeth Perkins.

Also, in case you needed any reminder of this, today is the day that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning's The Runaways hits DVD! If you didn't opt for the iTunes download, you can pick up The Runaways on DVD or Blu-Ray starting today.

Finally, her film (with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) Welcome To The Rileys has finally debuted an official website (to add to its official Facebook page), and you can check that out here!

Welcome To The Rileys hits limited theaters on November 5th.


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One Response to Big Day in Kristen Stewart Movie News

  1. Great movie of her...
    Really i Enjoy Her and His movie both..........


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