Ted Casablanca’s Bitch Back! (Robsten Mentions)

Dear Ted:
Did you see when Rob dedicated his Best Male Performance to Kristen? She made a face like she was upset. He’s so cute and romantic and she was so *****y. I love her, too, but why was she so uncomfortable?

Dear Doesn’t Buy It:
Did you not see when they kissed? Look, babes, Robsten know exactly what they’re doing. And as far as Kristen’s bleh face goes, get real: That’s when you know she’s into you. Remember, she’s not a traditional girlie girl, not in the least.

Dear Ted:
Thanks for your honest account of Robsten. We know they are a couple. We are glad, too. Hope they make a big splash together at the Eclipse premiere. Hope that’s their showing-the-love moment for the world to see.

Dear Don’t Count On It:
That’s about as likely as Taylor Lautner eclipsing R.Pattz’s hotness factor, sorry.

Dear Ted:
One thing I found a little strange about the MTV Movie Awards was that the kiss cam did not turn on Rob and Kristen. Do you think their publicist had a little chat with the producers or something else?

Dear Robsten Student:
Oh, yeah. There were a lotta convos regarding exactly what would—and what wouldn’t—go down between Rob and Kristen. And then they did exactly what they wanted, per usual.

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