Rob's Teenage Stalker Almost Gets Arrested!

It's obvious that Robert Pattinson has fans, dozens and dozens and GA-dozens of fans but apparently mixed in with the rest of us who only wish to sniff his sweet sweat is a 16-year-old TwiHard who was willing to try to do it in person!

According to, a 16-year-old Robert Pattinson fan was doing her own version of being a stalker/papparazzi. She was almost arrested last week when security officials found her hiding out in bushes near the Water for Elephants set at 5 am!!! She was wearing a Twilight t-shirt at the time and had a camera on her. Cops were called and she was assessed as a NON-THREAT then driven home and given a warning.

As amusing as this is, heck, I got in a few chuckles, I need to question where the heck were her parents? It was 5am when she was discovered in those bushes trying to stalk Pattinson, it wasn't like 4pm or 7pm or even 9pm...

It was almost 6 in the morn MAN! Either this girl lived relatively nearby and walked herself over to the set OR she lied to her parents and said she would be somewhere else. (Can you imagine if she told her parents the truth and said, "Hey Ma and Pa, I'm gonna do me some R.Pattz stalkin so don't wait up. Luv ya lots and goodnite!")

Why didn't her parents call her throughout the night or why didn't they call where she said she would be? In today's day and age, caution is the best approach when listening to a teenager... I'm just saying...

Anyhow how would you feel if you got a knock on your front door at 5am and it was the police dragging your TwiHard daughter home... I would feel SO PROUD!!! J/K, I'd be so &$^%#^ Pissed off at her!!!

R.Pattz isn't going to love you more for your extra admiration, it'll only scare him off quicker!

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