Robert Pattinson: A perfectionist in the making

Robert Pattinson likes to go in depth of his character to understand the reason behind his character behaving in a certain manner.He finds it hard to portray the character of Edward Cullen without understanding the logic behind the character. Speaking to Teen Hollywood, Pattinson said “that’s what I do for Edward. But, since the first one, I always like to go in-depth about things.”

He finds it amusing that Kristen Stewart does not have to do that and can instantly feel what her character is feeling, he added “ her mind works differently, she can just feel things immediately and I like to be more cerebral about things in completely the opposite way of Kristen”We surely believe that Pattinson does like to get into the skin of his character to deliver such brilliant performances.

From depending on Valium to aid him in landing a role as Edward, to his identifying with the jealousy trait of his character Edward Cullen, which he has recently accepted in an interview. He sure is immersing himself a lot into his character.

With two more Twilight movies to come up with the Breaking Dawn being split in two hopefully, he does not immerse himself so much that he finds it difficult to come out of it and becomes a brooding Robert Pattinson just like Edward Cullen.


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