Rob on the cover of SEVENTEEN mag (Mexico) NEW interview: scans + translation

scans: LunaNuevaMeyer

by KstewRobFans

What would you do if someone gave you the number to call Robert Pattinson? I went completely crazy! I felt butterflies in my stomach and got very anxious from the moment I got the news until i started dialing the number. It was a beautiful sunny Friday and he was in Los Angeles waiting for my call...I thought What a lucky girl! Robert has stolen the hearts of many girls around the world, he has the power to make them scream, laugh even cry! He is charming, very handsome he has an accidic but good sense of humor. And then again, what is the magic that surrounds him?
[cut short to get to the real interview]

This is what we chatted with Robert, Enjoy!

17: Hi! It's incredible speaking with you! Thanks for the interview.

RP: Wow that's nice.

17: How has all this 'Twilight' experience been for you?

RP: It's been great, something that surprises me, not something i expected. Three years ago i didn't know what my life would be like in this moment. I'm incredibly busy all the time, i travel everywhere in the world, it's wonderful!

17: How is it working with Kristen? She seems like a very passionate actress..

RP: Kristen has always been great, starting with her professionalism. I think we have similar a attitude when it comes to the industry. I mean the way we approach acting and how we work with the scripts and everything around a film, you know, we both take things very seriously. It all depends on how far you want to go to have a great and beautiful working relationship.

17: What was the most complicated scene to do in 'Eclipse? Did you have a lot of action?

Robert Pattinson: Mmm...the most complicated scene I think was the battle. There is a big battle at the end of the movie, the set we wee filing in was covered in artificial snow, made of paper and then it gets wet and the floor was very slippery, is worst than real snow! After a while it became difficult to work.

17: What has been the greatest lesson Edward has taught you?

RP: Something very similar to what my dad told me once, if you are a good to everyone, when you become successful, if at any point you loose your fame, those people will be good to you in return.

17: The best about being an actor is....

RP: I think daily work, in which in order to interpret a character you do an extensive investigation about any material you think will help you, what ever it is! You can research music, art, books or simply just study people. I think is the only profession that allows that.

17: Is there a phrase for which you rule your life?

RP: Mmm, no, I really don't have one, but i try to understand everything and everyone, i believe in that.

17: What has been your craziest experience with the fans?

RP: I think when went to Mexico City, that was definitly one of the most extremes. We were trying to leave the theater where 'Twilight' was premiering and there were hundreds of girls, one of then pulled the door to our vehicle, we couldn't close it! And the driver took off with the door, it ended up being funny.

17: About Edward, what is most similar to you?

RP: One of the prinicpal characteristics we have in common is that Edward doesn't have the need to say things, he just acts on them, i think we share that in common. I try not to talk alot.

17: If you could switch with Edward Cullen for one day, what would you do?

RP: Uff, i don't know, i would probably spend all day climbing and jumping off buildings.

17: What keeps you grounded? (or your feet on the ground)

RP: Normal things, like my family and that i have the same friends i've had all my life. Mi agent and my manager are pretty good, they never allow my ego to grow too much.

17: When you helped on the Haiti telethon answering calls, how did you feel about making a difference in the world?

RP: It was amazing, i've always felt that when you become noticed you spend a lot of time thinking about fame and sometimes what happens is that and then you realize you can use it towards good things. I hope it really worked for them and that it really made a difference for the people of Haiti.

17: Are you trying to inspire other people?

RP: I don't know, I'm not trying to, i have the mentality that if you work as hard as you can, that works. I look to inspire people in a positive way and with luck that turns into something good for the world. I don't think you should judge yourself as to if your contributing to the planet or if you're inspiring others, that's for other people to do.

17: Is there a dream you have that you have not realized?

RP: Doing a musical album. I would love that!

17: Where you this hot in school?

RP: (laughs) In school? In school no one was hot!


Hope we got it right guys ~ Hazel
Thanks again to KstewRobFans

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