Polish interview with Kristen (from press junket)

K – Kristen
I – Interviewer

I:Have you expected Twilight saga to be such a phenomenon?
K: Nobody expected this, we we weren’t prepared for it. we didn’t even know if we’re going to make more movies. But when we were informed that the movie earned so much and that we’re going to make more movies we couldn’t believe it.

I: How do you deal with this whole attention around you? Is it hard?
K: it is easier when I try not to deal with it.

I: not think about it?
K: Yeah, exactly.

I: Does it bother you that media are speculating about your personal life? Rober and Kristen are together, are not together…
K: Yes, it’s weird. It’s not natural, it’s weird. I don’t deal well with it but it’s okay. I get where it comes from, it all makes sense.

I: How are you planning to set yourself free from Bella character once you finish making all Twilight movies? Do you think about other roles you might take, which direction will you go?
K: it’s very common question. Do I bother that people will look at me through Bella character only and will not be able to see me in different role. Because I’m part of this saga for so long and it’s the biggest project that I’m a part of, and so successful. I don’t choose roles thinking how they’ll influence my career, I’d be so bad at it.

I: What is the biggest downside of the fame?
K: I don’t know..but the biggest upside…

I: People always talk about upsides of the fame
K: Defenitely, like… It’s crazy when you’re an actor and be picked up for movies. We can make choices and it doesn’t happen too often.

I: Yes, but I don’t think it’s a matter of you being famous, more because you work so well in each project, each movie you make.
K: Oh, thanks a lot. Yeah you’re probably right.

I: So give me at least one downside of the fame.
K: You’ve got to talk about yourself for hours, hours and hours and that’s like really weird.

I; Okay, last question. You started to act when you were 8, never regreted that you didn’t have a “normal” childhood, that you weren’t a typical teenager
K: I feel like I was a real teenager. I still have the same friends with whom I grown up. I wouldn’t like to go to high school, I went to primary school and it was horrible, so I’m really glad I didn’t have to do it, I was studying at home and then spend time with my friends. SO I was like a typical teenager.

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