One Site’s Toxic Take on Kristen Stewart Controversy

There’s silly, and then there’s offensive.

Robert Pattinson is doing his best not to be seen with his controversial Twilight costar Kristen Stewart!” shouts Showbiz Spy.


“The hunky British actor… is said to be worried that his cozy friendship with Kristen will affect his career — because she keeps making silly comments to the media.”

Gossip Cop has a hunch where this is going, and it’s ugly.

“Stewart caused controversy earlier this month when she declared she feels ‘raped’ by the paparazzi,” continues the site, adding, “[Stewart also] lashed out at a photographer; demanded that her fans stop taking her picture; and claimed that she has a ‘crazy’ stalker.”

The upshot, explains Showbiz Spy, is that Pattinson is now “worried that being associated with Kristen will harm his career.”

Stop here.

There’s been a lot of discussion about Stewart’s remarks in British Elle magazine regarding paparazzi intrusiveness. Her invocation of ‘rape’ was misguided. She was criticized, and she
apologized for it.

Some people believed the backlash was unfair, as Stewart was exaggerating to make her point and has done work on behalf of (actual) sexual assault victims in the past.

Some people believed her intentions didn’t matter, and that ‘rape’ is such an emotionally and psychologically loaded word, it shouldn’t be used to describe non-violent situations.

There are reasons to hear arguments from both sides.

But to pick up the (mostly over) rape controversy and hammer it as a wedge between Stewart and Pattinson is just insulting.

Consider what Showbiz Spy suggests.

Essentially, that Robert Pattinson wants to distance himself from Kristen Stewart because she’s vocalized her frustrations about paparazzi targeting and unhinged stalkers.

What the site doesn’t mention is the charming time it
placed a photo bounty on their heads.

That’s right: Showbiz Spy encouraged photographers to descend on Stewart and Pattinson. It monetized the invasion of privacy. It helped to cultivate Stewart’s discomfort and distress.

When she complained about that aspect of her life — whether or not with a poor choice of words — it was sites like Showbiz Spy whose “silly comments” made for trouble.

The article then shows just how carelessly it was thrown together by attempting to tie its warped theory to the
debunked rumor that Pattinson told cast and crew on the set of Water For Elephants that he’s single, which itself is part of the basis for fictional sparks between Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.

“He’ll do the Eclipse premieres and then focus 100 percent on Reese and Water for Elephants,” explains a Showbiz Spy “insider.” “It’s like entering a whole new world for him.”

Someone hand this “insider” the 2010 Golden Shovel Award for stacking an impressive pile of… well, something elephants are known to leave in their path.

Pattinson will promote Eclipse with Stewart when that movie opens and then “focus” on Witherspoon and their film afterwards?

Wow, that sounds like what every actor does in every situation.

Like a dog that believes its owner has left forever whenever he steps out for groceries, Showbiz Spy has serious trouble with perspective. It struggles to make sense of a world in which sometimes two or three things happen in succession.

If Robert Pattinson promotes Water for Elephants, he’s not doing so because Kristen Stewart made a questionable comment to Elle magazine.

Two events. Unrelated.

Or maybe you could believe the site’s sources and theories. After all…

Showbiz Spy claimed Stewart and Pattinson were warring because of her “possessive nature.”

It said they were looking for a house in London together.

It floated a bizarre story that Stewart had “denied” Pattinson used steroids.

The site helped spread rumors that Pattinson was with Kelly Blakewell.

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t.

But while Showbiz Spy is usually cited on Gossip Cop for being inaccurate and sloppy when it comes to celebs like Pattinson and Stewart, today the site managed to stoop lower.

It lay blame on the victim of a climate it helped create.

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