Novelist Bret Easton Ellis: “I’d rather hang out with Rob Pattinson than Richard Ford.”

The man who wrote Less Than Zero, and American Psycho was interviewed by New York Magazine recently. Bret Easton Ellis mentioned Rob while talking about his experience of living in Hollywood:

“Maybe it’s a weird strain of anti-intellectualism,” he says, but if given a choice he’d rather “hang out with Rob Pattinson than Richard Ford.” Or maybe it’s simple insecurity. He leans over and opens a drawer and asks if I mind if he smokes. One of the things he likes about L.A. is that “it’s easier to drift around out here … if you don’t feel that you’re that smart.”

Ellis also talked about working with
Gus Van Sant, and the fact that he indeed was interested in directing Breaking Dawn:

Van Sant, meanwhile, was trying to get the gig to direct Twilight. “You can make a lot of money doing that,” Ellis whispers, so lightly that it doesn’t get picked up by my tape recorder.

You can read the rest of this excellent interview at New York Magazine. Thanks to @cybermelli for the tip!

Photo: The Guardian via Source

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