*NEW INTERVIEW* Rob talks WFE and working with Reese & Christoph

WFE section from Premiere (France) magazine:

Premiere: At the moment you’re rehears­ing for Fran­cis Lawrence’s Water for Elephants…

Robert Pattinson: Yes with Reese With­er­spoon and Christoph Waltz. I’m really excited and ter­ri­fied at the same time to find myself face to face with actors such as these.

Premiere: If Christoph Waltz asks you to give him a glass of milk start ask­ing your­self questions.

Robert Pattinson: For sure! He has a great role in the movie: he plays the Mr. Loyal of a cir­cus, a per­son who’s a totally cyclothymic and a bit crazy. I’m try­ing to steal his wife.

Premiere: I admire your courage.

Robert Pattinson: Don’t you?

Translation by Thinking of Rob. Rob also briefly mentions being enthusiastic about shooting his next film which at the time of this interview, implies WFE. If you are interested in the entire article, you can read the rest HERE

Source Via WFE

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  1. He is so sexy, I just can't take much more!!! I love me some Rpatz!


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