Kristen Stewarts Speaks About Breaking Dawn and Kissing Edward & Jacob in Eclipse

SPOILER! “We totally have sex. Finally!” Kris­ten told Access Hol­ly­wood’s Shaun Robin­son in LA on Sat­ur­day of the final chap­ter of “The Twi­light Saga,” in which Edward (Robert Pat­tin­son) and her char­ac­ter, Bella, con­sum­mate their relationship.

“[Edward and Bella] are man and wife now,” Kris­ten explained fur­ther. “They have a kid, and so I guess to get there, you know, that happens.”

How­ever, before that, in “Eclipse” – due June 30 – she got to go from kiss­ing Robert Pat­tin­son to Tay­lor Laut­ner, a shift she called “really weird.”

“I was ner­vous about it,” she said. “It’s like the most unique kiss in the whole series… [Bella] sees that there are clearly two dif­fer­ent paths that are maybe not equally as desir­able but def­i­nitely good, both are great, and she’s never acknowl­edged that before. She’s always been like, ‘No, Edward’s per­fect!’ And so it really freaks her out, and it really freaked me out play­ing it.”

As for the kiss itself, she said lock­ing lips with Tay­lor wasn’t so bad.

“You never know whether it’s going to be good until it is,” she said. “A few of [the takes], it was like, ‘OK, cool.’ I mean, that was fine.”

While she may have fun on “The Twilight Saga” sets, she was caught on camera making what appeared to be unhappy faces at the MTV Movie Awards last weekend – which Kristen said was in the editing.

“I feel like the cameras just cut to me just as soon as I stop smiling,” she explained. “I thought most of that stuff was funny. I’m telling you, face transplant! It’s gonna happen pretty soon, I think.”

Kristen added that she’s become more comfortable with fame after two years of the “Twilight Saga” whirlwind.

“I’m very appreciative,” she said, before addressing her facial expressions again. “I really love what I do. It’s just because I got nervous and people are much better at doing this than I am

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