INTERVIEW: Kristen Stewart's Many Phases

Whether it's twilight, dawn, an eclipse or a new moon, the talented Kristen Stewart can adapt and make each phase and project her own. Since we first chatted with Kristen long before she was cast as Bella in the Twilight Saga, we've seen her gradually become more and more focused and capable of handling the press. Gone is the shy, fumbling young teen we first met.

This time around, speaking on Eclipse (with some interesting Breaking Dawn comments) in Beverly Hills, Kristen, dressed in low-necked, long-sleeved gray tee over skinny black pants, is no less the independent, opinionated individual we grew to respect but she's dishing more easily on what makes Bella tick, how she would react be being "torn between two lovers" and how all she could think of while sandwiched between gorgeous Rob and Taylor was not how turned on she could get but "geez, it's so hot in this tent and this wig itches!"

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