Fan Report From The MTV Movie Awards

I was at the MTV Awards tonight and saw Rob! Where we were sitting, he had to walk by each time after being backstage. Therefore, saw him at least 5 times and was within 5 feet each time. I am beyond happy – it was an unbelieveable night. He was gorgeous. After he & Kristen won for Best Kiss, you could see them walking backstage and he was laughing so hard.

Right before they were getting ready to annouce Best Kiss, he & Kristen came running down the aisle together and both were in a great mood – having a wonderful time. They got to their seats at the last moment before it was announced.

I’m pretty sure the winners know in advance they have won just by the way each time it was their nomination up they would get in their seats and the camera guys were right there. You knew he was going to win male performance because the camera got right in his face before it was announced.

Thanks. I had to pay an obscene amount for the tickets but I knew there would never be another time in my life that I would have the opportunity to see him in person.

Marnye – you are right it was definitely prepared. Like I said you could see him laughing his a$$ off as they walked backstage. The only thing that did not seem planned was right at the end when Rob grabbed Kristen and gave her that final kiss. She was surprised.

No could not hear him – not that close but the angle we were sitting allowed us to see them exit the main stage. You could tell he was having a great time and was laughing as they walked off.

No Luna – the only thing I saw resembling PDA was when they won and he was escorting her to the stage – he grabbed her waist pretty tight. When they were rushing down the aisle right before the award was announced he was leading her by holding her arm.

Also, there was a scene during the commercials they showed us (not sure if seen on tv)where it showed them together walking down stairs – Taylor was behind them both.

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