Fan encounter with Kristen at last night!


So ..i'm HUGE of a kristen stewart fan i am.well tonight at the red carpet for the eclipse premiere,i went and camped out for 3 night and 4 days just for her.

So we got into our gated area,and i had a perfect view of the red carpet where i was,but i wasn't in the front of our little square section,and i really wanted to get to the front when kristen came around,only for her then i would go back to my spot. but none of the other people would let me and my friend do so. so i just moved to a different section with less people,and kristen got out of her limo,but then someone accidently got sharpie on her,so she had to leave to take it off and then come then she comes back,and i made a huge poster that took me like 3 hours to make that says "KRISTEN be my BFF" and its like glittery,and has pics of her ,and its big. so when she came around to my section,since i wasnt totally in front,i kept like trying yo hold up my poster for her sign or something,or for her to notice,but it kept getting pushed by other people,and like her bodyguard so it wouldnt hit her. so she left to take some press pics,and came back to our section,and i still couldnt get her to read it or sign it or anything,but as she was about to leave our section,that had like tons of people shoving stuff at her to sign and screaming,she turns around slightly,and tilts her head up, looks up,and reads my poster,she doesnt glance,she actually mouths the words ,reads it,looks at all of it,and smiles and says awww thank you,takes steps towards me,reaches her arm out to me,and says thank you directly to me, and ask me if i want two tickets, to the actual movie premiere to go inside the theater!! she reached her arms though,and personally gave me 2 tickets!!,she noticed me and my poster. i practically died,i was with my friend(kstewluver216/Amanda) ,who is also a kristen fan,so i ran up to her,and showed her that kristen stewart just handed me these two tickets personally,looks in my eyes,spoke with me,and read my poster. and after all that when we were like telling Amanda's mom and stuff,i couldn't breathe bcuz i was just so happy and crying of joy,and in a state of shock. like kristen actually spoke to me, twice,once about the posters and tickets & another when i shouted "i love you kristen" and she looked
Sooo.then here is some more amazingness,we get inside and these people in front of us are talking to us and we have a whole convo while waitin for the movie to start(eclipse),and idk why it took me and my friends(kstewluver216) so long to realize but one of the people seating in front us talking to us is kristen's mom, Jules!! and her dad John come right before the movie starts,and kristen walks in and i see her and stuff. and the thing is her mom and friend(their business partner) had been talking with us alot,and like we were venting to them how much we love kristen and how she gave me the tickets,and i must have been in such shock because i didnt realize it was jules until john sat down as kristen came in right before eclipse started. but yeah that night after she gave me the tickets and i was walking to the theater,i pretty much cried(happy),hyperventilated,spoke with my idol,and just had such a memorable night,i will NEVER forget. i finally saw eclipse with the cast! and kristen parents in front of me,mamastew and papastew,it was such an honor to have them in front of us,u have no idea,i love kristen and her whole family.
There were like 8,000 people there,and i happend to seat behind her parents.but yes this is why i love kristen stewart,she turned my whole night around<3this>
Also here is the poster i had spent like 2-3 hours on,that she read:

I remember someone on one of the live streams talking about this poster last night!! Lucky girl :)

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  1. That's such a nice story, Something you'll remember always.


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