E! News – Week in Review: How About Emma & Twilight, Miley & Perez, Jeremy London & Kidnapping? (Rob Mention)

TWILIGHT BITES: Emma Roberts dared to tell Rob Pattinson that she was Team Jacob, and his fans were apparently so concerned for his delicate constitution, they wrote some nastiness to her on Twitter, prompting Julia’s niece to remove herself from the Twitterverse. Why, you ask? Our theory is that people are bored. And bad listeners, apparently. Didn’t Team Edward hear the part where she said she liked his hair?!

COVER UP: According to various tabloids, Kristen and Rob are every which way: engaged, broken up, moving in together, etc. But though some fans would like to believe all of it at once, there’s got to be a middle ground—and it’s probably not nearly as immortally romantic as some would like to believe. Would R.Pattz and K.Stew even work as a cinematic couple outside the Twilight realm? (Star, meanwhile, went the bogus “Al Gore was cheating with Laurie David” route.) Just get on with the Eclipse already!

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