Talks to Kristen Stewart has a great new interview with Kristen. Here’s an excerpt.

“Bella’s definitely in conflict in that she’s pushed to the point where the decision needs to be made,” says Stewart. “She does that in each movie.” Of course, the Twilight fanatics will be waiting for the Jacob kiss in Eclipse. And Stewart says they won’t be disappointed. “It is the most unique moment,” agrees the 20-year-old. “It’s also a mistake by Bella, but I think it’s cool to see her a little bit ashamed, and at the same time scared. I always say that Bella makes a lot of mistakes but she’s willing to own them.” For a change, however, Bella is more of an observer than a participant in the Eclipse running, jumping and falling down. “The action is absolutely everybody else’s responsibility,” she admits. “I just stand behind the people who are stronger than me. I didn’t get to run around as much as I did in the second movie.”

No matter, her Bella portrayal is just as vital to her in Eclipse as it was in Twilight and New Moon. “This was a part that I really wanted to play,” she says, “and luckily for me I got to do it for a really long time.” Of course, Breaking Dawn will offer new, perhaps more controversial, challenges as a pregnant Bella makes the transition with Edward to vampire. “I can’t wait to see how Bella transforms,” confesses Stewart, “and I can’t wait for her to get married and have a kid. It’s all of that.” And what kind of vampire will Bella turn out to be on screen? “I’ve been on the outskirts of what it would feel like to play one of them,” she says. “I’ve thought about it a lot and I can’t wait to actually be it. It’s going to be a trip … and I think she’s going to be the coolest vampire out of all of them.”

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