Twilight Junkies Anonymous Shares their Experience at Oprah

Due to spoilers, the story has been placed under the cut!

Her “Eclipse” Review

I am still completely overwhelmed right now. And sleep deprived….I feel like I have a hangover! But I promised details, so here we go. Let me just say right now, that I am going to include spoilers for both Eclipse (but you guys all read the book, so really, you know what happens) and for the Oprah show.

Of course as soon as we ordered some food, we hear that people are starting to line up. We scarfed our food down, prayed that Rob wasn’t lurking around somewhere to see us scarf, and then headed down to the line. We were like the 3rd group in line. Yay!!!!

Oh yeah!!!! We are totally in the right place. The marquee actually said Eclipse at first, but I think they changed it to T.S.3 because of crashers.

Finally we got to the Oprah table to get our wristbands and popcorn coupons.

Oh the fun you can have with coupons and wristbands! LOL!

We had to take all these pictures of our coupons because when you turn them in for the actual popcorn and drink, you don’t get them back.

Once we got into the actual theater, we had decent seats and then spent the next hour waiting impatiently for Eclipse to begin and speculating whether or not Rob, Kristen and Taylor would show up for the screening. How could we have even dreamed that at that moment Rob was ringing doorbells in Naperville and other suburbs!!! (More on that later in my Oprah post!)

Okay, are you ready for Eclipse?????

I absolutely, positively loved Eclipse more than New Moon and even more than Twilight. It was that good! Yeah, there were a few moments where you could tell that they hadn’t quite finished, but all in all amazing. At one point, 2 of the wolves were still in cartoon form….to be filled in later, but that was really the only obvious sign that it was a work in progress.

Rob was gorgeous in Eclipse. He is much happier, less angsty. There were a lot of really really close up shots of his face….*sigh*, but Kassie pointed out that you could kinda see the make-up more. He wardrobe was hotter and more casual….I really hated that suit in New Moon.

Kristen was really great. I thought she was less twitchy. The wig had it’s good moments and bad moments. If she kinda had her hair swooped to the side off her forehead, it looked natural, but when it was parted down the middle, it looked very wiggy.

Taylor….is it possible that his abs got bigger, better and tighter? Holy hotness Batman!!! I’m not team Jacob, but man did Taylor look good. I think you guys will love his one liners, a little preview for Breaking Dawn. The tension between Jacob and Edward is really really there, and brings out some great lines from both Taylor and Rob!

The Cullens – Rosalie, Alice, and Esme looked much better, and very bad ass in the fight scene. Emmett looked hot as usual and he had some great one liners, but Carlisles hair was a bit of a hair helmet. I loved Jasper, despite his hideous hair, because that cute little Southern drawl made up for the bad hair and Jasper had a lot more to say in this movie!

Riley is totally hot, but Victoria is not. I miss Rachelle. Dallas Bryce-Howard doesn’t quite pull of bad-ass as well as Rachelle.

Highlights from Eclipse
-First of all, Eclipse has way more LOL moments than either of the other 2 movies combined.
-Definitely some hot and heavy making out with Edward and Bella. Me likey!
-Edward totally goes off on Jacob after he kisses Bella and she breaks her hand. Like he is really pissed! Not the angry, but still very calm Edward in the book. Really pissed off, yelling at Jacob, Edward. I ♥♥♥♥ angry Rob! He’s so freaking hot!
-The proposal included hot and heavy making out, the leg hitch (YEAH BABY!!!!!) and a very, very, (like brings tears to your eyes!) emotional Edward asking Bella to marry him. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! It was really sweet. The best line here is after Edward thwarts Bella’s advances, and she’s like saying, you don’t want me, and Edward is like, “Bella, believe me, I WANT TO” GAH! You just gotta love the way Rob delivers that line!!!!
-The tent scene is basically what it is in the book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The only thing that is missing, which I would have loved to have in the movie, was Edward unzipping the sleeping bag and Jacob falling out on the cold floor of the tent.
-The fight scene is kick-ass! I know it wasn’t totally done and fine-tuned yet, but you will love it. Everyone in the theater went “oooooh!” during the fight.
-Jasper telling Bella his backstory! You will love Jasper’s accent, and he is cute as hell in the flashbacks. Then after he comes back to the present, he and Alice share a cute little lovey dovey kissy moment. :) Yay!

Okay, those are some of the highlights that are popping up in my weary, sleep-deprived brain. I think I’m probably telling you way too much, and this post is already too long. I’ve decided to make it a two-part post. Part 2 will be about the Oprah show.


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  1. Thanks for posting my story!!! I just saw it today when I google my blog. :)

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