The Summerhouse” Soon to Be Available on iTunes

If you’re a long time/hardcore Robert Pattinson fan you’ll know all about this little gem of a short film…the most important being it has NEVER been released for download or on DVD. Fret not little ladies and random lost dudes reading, because it’s coming and it’s coming earlier than expected!

Last week, in the haze of my excitement (I mean look at him UNF!) I contact The Summer House site directly via email. Here is the juicy news that Anna MacDonald the Producer of The Summer House shared with me:

Yes, THE SUMMER HOUSE will be screened … at WSFF. Daisy Gili, who directed THE SUMMER HOUSE will be there.

The short will also be available for download via iTunes from July.

OMG, it’s that last line that is BIG NEWS because the latest release date we were given was October 2010. This means we’ll get The Summer House on iTunes THIS SUMMER!

Thanks To Spunk-Ransom

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