Robsten Gets Physical: Breaking Down Their Body Language On Oprah

As all true Twi-hards know, the Eclipse trio (+1 Dakota Fanning, briefly) made their epic Oprah appearance today. While the Big O may not have succeeded in getting Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to admit they’re dating (on-air, at least), she did get an adorably goofy quip from RPattz, “Kristen’s pregnant,” followed by KStew saying he’d be the one birthing the child. A sincere confession was not necessary for even a mildly observant viewer, as the duo did enough oogling, eye-f*cking, and making each other LOL to confirm what we’ve known for months… there’s no way these two aren’t bumpin’ pasty uglies. Allow us to break it down for you.

1. Is it possible that Kristen is doing anything but undressing Rob with her eyes? We think not.

More proof of Robsten’s existence after the jump.

2. They tag-team teased Taylor as he talked about his ideal girlfriend. Their bodies are clearly angled towards one another.

3. Kristen gave Rob a hard time when Taylor’s bulging abs hit the screen, playfully punching him on the shoulder. We have a feeling she prefers her man-abs painted on.

4. They both relentlessly fuss with their hair. Rob thinks it’s adorable.

5. They crack each other up…

The LOLs keep rollin’…

6. This level of giddiness means one thing: they’re getting some. Breaking Dawn-style.

7. When Kristen speaks, Rob looks at her like this…

More photographic proof of our favorite secret couple Here, plus bonus stills from the even-more-entertaining-than-expected show.

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