Robert Pattinson In Bravo Magazine May 2010 (scan+translation)

Moment has arrived. Rob and Kristen are looking for a house to build their love nest….. or at least they will try.

There have been lots of rumors about jealousy and infidelity But he proved to everyone that he wants to live with his Kristen!

After being separated during a few months because of the filming and respective promotion of their movies. Rob and Kristen decide to look for a house to live together. The couple that dates for almost two years, decided that Hollywood it’s perfect place and Kristen has put hands to work. “It’s a plan to make Robert compromise but that tricks aren’t necessary, because he is delighted with that idea”, friend of both confirmed. The two actors are almost beginning promote Eclipse, but after that they want to go the house first. While he finished the filming of Bel Ami, between London and Budapest, Kris took the initiative and is already traveling for the streets of the city with a estate agent. Their ideal house must have lots of rooms, so they can invite the friends from London visit them, a garden with pool and giant kitchen… Ah and a studio with a view so Robert could inspire while playing the guitar.

“Love, I just saw a house that it’s just what we were looking for. Come on Rob! Say yes, pleaaase

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