Rob Knows How To Swoon The Ladies !!!!

Well, here is the story behind this pic!Just TAKE A DEEP BREATH PLEASE

Tess, the girl on the pic above with Rob, tells HAART meeting with Robert Pattinson: "So I was fairly surprised at the show with the picture of me and Robert Pattinson. So now here is to clarify the story.

I was a few years ago to visit my best friend in Barcelona, who ran training. Then we went to a night club catwalk steps. As I walked to bump Robert Pattinson, who was making the money for the film Little Ashes. Anyway he was not as well known as it is today so I did not recognize him. I stood there to dance and he came to me and asked in a perfect British accent: "I'm not going before I know your name". In a perfect English accent ... it sounded so sexy!

Who can resist? .. We danced and had a nice evening .. yes we kissed!"

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2 Responses to Rob Knows How To Swoon The Ladies !!!!

  1. We only have her word as Rob wont ever say anything!


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