Mid-day “Remember Me” Review: “Watch it for Pattinson’s earnest performance!”

What’s it about: Yes it’s the Twilight dude with the messy hairdo. Robert Pattinson gets to brood, sulk, fret and fume yet again. However, this time he isn’t battling werewolves or other vile creatures. He plays Tyler, a rich complicated kid, who meets an uncomplicated girl named Ally (Emilie de Ravin) falling in love with her. However, the story isn’t that simple as it sounds. There are multiple subplots going beneath the surface. A story of an estranged father-son relationship and deep buried family secrets being found. Remember Me touches a myriad of subjects like loss, fragile relations, blood bonds, but above all it talks about love and longing in a time of contempt.

What’s hot: There’s no doubt most of you (fairer sex) will watch it for Pattinson. Fortunately the good news is that the actor who plays the blood-sucking vampire in the Twilight series is actually brilliant here. He still has those perfectly messed locks and gloomy stare, but one gets to see him tackle a character that’s real and not larger than life. Throughout the film there are ample moments to keep you intrigued. Apart from talking about love and treasuring it, the subject has many other elements that make it work. Tyler’s strained relation with his super rich dad, or Ally’s own troubled past and dealing with loss are both handled with maturity.
What’s not: Despite its earnest approach, the second half seems manipulative and gimmicky. We are told that Tyler’s dad has an issue with his son and all the money in the world can’t mend that. Then how come he suddenly warms up to him? Was that the moment the writers thought let’s make the audience reach for their tissues? Either way, it doesn’t serve the purpose. Also the twists and turns keep happening with no logic or reason. Most of the characters behave like they have split personalities. Not to forget the movie is set in 2001 when something really bad happened. Talk about milking tragedies.

What to do: Watch it for Pattinson’s earnest performance, and savour it till he returns as Edward Cullen to annoy the hell out of us.

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