India’s No. 1 Entertainment Magazine Reviews “Remember Me”:

Inevitably tales of human drama and bonding can very easily get labeled stereotypical. Especially when they are based around urban-American dysfunctional families. While there isn’t anything new in the way Remember Me’s story pans out, the prevalent message of how time can heal all wounds makes it endearing.

Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a regular young American adult, trying to get a grip on his life. Even though he’s a bit of a misfit, he’s portrayed as a charming young man who seems to easily attract the opposite sex. Enter the quintessential Ally Craig (Emilie De Ravin) who is different from the crowd. She offers resistance to Tyler’s advances and, before you know it, opposites attract and they fall in love. Tyler’s story deals with the loss of his elder brother, the run-of-the-mill father-son differences and supporting his younger sister Caroline (Runy Jerins). Ally’s story deals with the tragic loss of her mother during a mugging situation (which is also the opening shot of the movie) and a paranoid father played aptly by Chris Cooper.

As done-to-death as the premise seems, what makes the film work are the actors and some smart dialogue. There is a classic love story at the crux of this movie, but as the screenplay unfolds, you realise that it offers a wider spectrum of emotions. Pattinson’s performance has shades of underplay throughout and that really helps. His interactions with Runy Jerins and Pierce Brosnan, who plays his father, are the best things about the film. This is not the best from Hollywood but director Allen Coulter does enough to present a telling tale. If you truly believe that with time humans can straighten their lives out then Remember Me will not disappoint you.
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