Gossip Cop: OK! Mag’s Kristen Stewart Pregnant Cover is a Joke

Gossip Cop: OK! Mag’s Kristen Stewart Pregnant Cover is a Joke

Kristen Stewart is not pregnant.

Let’s get that out of the way.

But while most fans knew that already, it’s instructive to discuss OK! magazine’s latest bait-and-switch cover, the one attempting to fool people at newsstands nationwide.

In advance of tomorrow’s big Oprah interview with Eclipse stars Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, the magazine screams, “Rob Tells Oprah: ‘Kristen’s Pregnant!’

Right beneath the headline it reads: “The inside story behind Rob’s shocking backstage revelation to Oprah.”

Let’s pause.

The logical conclusion to draw from these two statements is that Pattinson told the host, off camera, that Stewart is pregnant. In fact, the only conclusion to draw is that Pattinson made a “shocking backstage revelation,” and that it was Stewart’s pregnancy.

Now flip to the story itself, which is called, “Why Rob Told Oprah Kristen’s Pregnant!”

Still sounds like a pretty straightforward declaration of pregnancy.

At the May 6 taping, continues OK!, the host asked Robsten, “Is talk of a relationship true?” She got a “doozy of an answer from Rob: ‘Kristen’s pregnant.’”

Which is stunning… until you read further.

“Then Kristen joked that Rob’s the one who’s pregnant,” claims the mag.

Wait a minute. Isn’t that what E! Online reported happens on stage and on camera during the show? As a complete goof? After a (supposed) backstage deal so that Stewart and Pattinson wouldn’t be pressed on the relationship issue during the interview itself?

Yup, that’s exactly what OK! is lifting here to use as manipulative bait.

The joking exchange about Stewart being pregnant.

A comment OK! acknowledges is a joke before trotting out a “relationship expert” to claim Pattinson’s laugher “could mask a real desire to have kids.”

Sound like a familiar tactic? It should.

Back in September, the same magazine pretended a fictional wedding between characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen was all it needed to tout a so-called “Twilight Wedding” exclusive on its cover.

In October, the tab acted as though it had an exclusive “home” interview with Stewart and Pattinson. Nope, just more manipulation.

And so it is the same with today’s “revelation.”

OK! took another site’s details about an on-camera joke and an alleged off-camera secret agreement, and blurred them to make it seem as though it had scored a Kristen Stewart pregnancy shocker.

It’s just plain lame.

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