Five Things Ellen Taught Us About Rob

Robert Pattinson (photos) appeared on Ellen today to discuss Eclipse, his adorable shyness, and as we mentioned earlier, his mostly-favored new haircut. While RPattz was as bumbling and giggly as ever, Ellen was able to pry five fun facts from the hysteria-inducing hunk:

5. He thinks he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts. When Ellen asked RP how he felt about being named one of People’s most beautiful people, he said he didn’t realized ranking was involved, and jokingly said that Julia Roberts “came out of nowhere” and he had been working on the title all year.

4. He “doesn’t think well in real-time.” When asked why he’s more at ease with a script in hand and the cameras rolling than in interviews, Pattinson said he hasn’t perfected the art of thinking before he speaks.

3. He shaved his head due to a bad case of “nits” AKA head lice. Truthfully he lopped off his lovely locks for his role opposite Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants, but he jumped at the chance to start a rumor that didn’t involve knocking up Kristen Stewart.

2. He practiced ballet until he was 10 years old, then “realized he was a boy.” Ellen then joked that Rob missed his opportunity to hookup with female dancers, but given he and KStew’s eye-f*cking extravaganza on Oprah, we think Robsten (photos) is doing just fine.

1. He cannot be identified by his pecs. Producing a studio full of girl boners, Ellen invited one lucky audience member to participate in “Pattin’ Pattinson” where while blindfolded, she had to pick Rob out of a line-up just by feelin’ him up. She failed at the game, but won the award of luckiest b*tch on the planet, second only to Kristen.


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