First Review of Full Eclipse Movie Screening from Oprah Show!

A lucky reader Emily had the good fortune to be picked to travel to Chicago for the filming of the Eclipse episode of The Oprah Show, and she shared these juicy details–including some spoiler-free thoughts on the first exclusive screening of the movie!

It’s my first time writing but I’ve been following your website for a long time now, absolutely love it! I’m sure you know, but the Oprah Winfrey show was asking for Twilight fans to write to the show stating why they love the series and movies and everything…well I got a call from them a few days ago and was invited to the Oprah show!! I don’t know too many details other then I’ll be in the audience and that the Twilight cast will be there. Aside from that, I got to attend the screening of Eclipse tonight and I just wanted to share with you my experience.

First, the trailers HARDLY give the movie any justice, which is always a great thing – you go in expecting one thing and leave completely blown away. This movie was by far the best and I have no negative comments on it. David Slade did an amazing job, his shots and fight scenes were amazingly done. By far the best yet. They stayed completely true to the book – this had the most direct and almost direct quotes andddd LOTS of making out!! Very Edward and Bella focused which was great! And the most exciting, Jasper was truly the breakthrough character of this movie. He was the most impressive and I loved that he had actual dialogue in this movie.

This movie will definately be more guy friendly, and the humor has stepped up big time! It’s not cheesily thrown in there like the crack of “guess the wolf’s outta the bag.” More edgy this time around. Sexual humor was tossed around too. I know all the Twilight fans are going to be amazed and definately not disappointed!!
Hope my little critique got you all excited for Eclipse!! I’m definately seeing it again when it comes out!


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