Fan Report: Outside The Oprah Taping I’ve actually thought a lot about my response. When I was there I felt completely differently than after getting home and realizing how insane things had been. I went to the Oprah taping, not actually in the audience but outside. Out of all the stars, Oprah was the only one to step outside & wave to the fans wasn’t long, maybe 30 seconds but it was still a nice gesture (and yes, the people literally tried to swarm her..but security was there to tell them to back off)The side that I had been on, for most of the day, was extremely calm compared to the other side. When the stars arrived there was massive screaming but no one was attacking the cars. It was HILARIOUS to see literally like 50 females on their knees trying to peak under the garage door as it closed, but you really couldn’t see more than a foot or possibly a wave. Kristen’s car literally sped through, if it could have bottomed out..the car would was insane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car speed through that quickly in such a short distance. They filmed and probably left around 11:30 or noon, I’m not really sure..I woke up at 3 am so time wasn’t really something I paid attention to. I should probably state that before they left the drivers were all parked at the end of the block and I had a question for Rob’s driver, since we obviously weren’t going to even get to see a glimpse of him. I went over to ask if he smelled like cigarettes and beer…and I got a good chuckle, but it was a serious question. Apparently, the guy wasn’t going to answer me because he said ‘I don’t know, it smells like a new car in here..I wasn’t smelling him’ or something like that. Before I went to leave the other driver called me back over and we were talking about the cast, let me tell you..those drivers were freaking hilarious. They definitely made the day worthwhile after not even getting a glimpse of any of the cast. I will say, not that I want to say much because they were really nice and I feel like it’d be disrespectful to share what they said, that they made it sound like it was pre-determined none of the actors would be stopping for autographs or taking pictures, even before they could see how crazy it was. So..after that the drivers all left, no clue which direction they went. My friend and I were going to head back downtown, but we aren’t from the area so I had to punch in an address in my phone to get directions and it took us some funky way. On our way down there we saw the cars parked in an alley……how much better can that get? There were a few people there, a couple of cars circling but it wasn’t insane. No one was one was going crazy. I honestly just assumed the cars were parked and they had gone into the restaurant around the block to eat something, since it was lunch time, so we scoped out the area…and came back to find they were in the cars. I didn’t actually walk down the alley, it was a little intimidating and I wish I would have now, but it was only a few more minutes before the cars were pulling out. It was honestly just me, my friend and two other girls..who seemed normal and calm at first. They ended up being from Brazil and studying English here so it was really cute when they were asking how to ask them to roll the window down and stuff. Anyway, we figured that since it was seriously only four people standing there and one or two cars still circling the block they would have stopped and rolled down the window, or something. But nope..they kept on going as fast as they could out of there. The two girls were like..wailing on the car and screaming, so I guess they must have known they were the overly energetic type but I still don’t understand why with only four people they couldn’t just..roll a dang window down-anything. After they pulled out a few cars followed them, so the cars with the actors separated and apparently as someone tweeted Rob and Kristen went to O’hare and I’m not sure where Taylor and Dakota went..I do think, if I recall, Rob’s car was the only one to go a different direction. So I have to was a really entertaining experience but I don’t think I’d do that again. Plus, after seeing (yes, I know, people were attacking the car..I swear I didn’t know it was like that when we first got there..our side was actually respectful and after people arrived we went across the street to wait because they were just getting annoying)that no one could even stick a hand out the window, or something..anything, it really was disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I get it..I understand that the people there were over the top but doesn’t Rob stand outside and greet fans for every appearance he does on a talk show?? How come Chicago got jipped even before it started? (by the way, I thought it was hilarious that he was in the only blue vehicle and the rest were in black…really? That was just asking for attention to be drawn) Sorry if you see this posted on multiple sites..I don’t have a blog or anything and I wanted to share my story even though it’s missing most of the awesome details of the conversation with the drivers.


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