Catherine Hardwicke Talks About Rob at the Vancouver Twilight Convention

We already posted Tweets from Mandy’s Mind, but now she has a write-up on her blog of her Q&A experience with Catherine Hardwicke, and now all the Rob quotes are in one place in case we missed them. I’m only going to post the Rob-related quotes here, but if you want to read more of what Catherine said at the convention, you can go here.

- Catherine says the whole cast was great. Kristen is so intense and Rob so wacky. Peter is amazing

- Casting was fun. She basically brought Kristen to her house and told her she was bringing 4 cute guys over to audition, or essentially make-out with. She promised to provide mouthwash and gum for her. She said Rob was the last to audition and got “a bit wild” and “out of control” making out with Kristen in Catherine’s bed (which she still sleeps on but imagines it will sell for a lot on ebay one day ha ha) She said Rob fell off the bed a lot during the audition and during filming for that matter. Afterwards Kristen says “it has to be Rob” and Catherine had to re-watch to be sure but agreed instantly after seeing the play backs. Summit wasn’t sure because Rob came in and he was a bit “chubby” and “messy” and they called Catherine to say “Are you sure you can make this guy look good?” ha ha

- She said that she told Rob “don’t you dare get involved with her, she is a minor” and explained that being involved with an under-aged girl was illegal.

- She shared full size Edward cut-out doll stories with fans.

- Catherine was talking about Kristen’s amazing acting ability and joked “We may hate her because she is with rob, but she does a great job” [I got a lot of angry tweets about this but it could be taken many ways so try not to freak out ok?]

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