Another Fan Review of “Eclipse” (Spoilers!)

Jacob and Bella’s kiss was so much more intense than any Edward and Bella kisses. Almost made me go full on Team Jacob. ALMOST not quite. The leg hitch was enough to keep me Team Switz.

HAHA ask all you want! The Jacob and Bella kiss was basically the same as in the book. But this time Bella runs after Jacob when he overhears Edward talking…. Edward calls her MRS. CULLEN!!!!!! Anyway, Edward grabs her arm to stop her, but she is p***** at him. She yells at him to stop and she runs after Jacob. She’s crying and it’s soooo sad. She asks him to kiss her, he immediately takes her in his arms and kisses her. The shot goes to Edward’s face after a few seconds. He looks a little upset, but that’s all. Bella looks more upset than him when it’s over. They talk, and he’s not mad at all.

The “goodbye” scene with Jacob and Bella is basically exactly like in the book. A lot of the same lines. Even Bella’s “Should I come back?” and Jacob says he needs time. Then he says he will always be waiting for her to change her mind. And she says “Until my heart stops beating.” And his famous last words were “Maybe even then.”

Their first kiss was weird, but it was meant to be. It was a lot like the book. Bella didn’t do anything and when jacob was done she punched him, but he didn’t move. She spun around cradling her hand.

OH and for all you Jacob fans… when Jacob gets hurt at the end of the fight we see a naked Jacob!!! OBVIOUSLY we don’t SEE anything because he’s curled in a ball, but yea, nakey Jacob!

Yes, very true! Jacob and Bella kiss… like she asks him as she’s crying; he wrapps his arms around her and she’s got hers around him. They kiss…. and kiss…. and kiss some more! And he even whispers “That should have been our first kiss.” HOTTTTT!!!

Ok, first, sadly, no. They didn’t show Bella imagining the a family with Jacob. It was in the script, but I do wish it was in there.

There really did! I mean just about everything. Bella and Charlie’s “talk” was hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Emmett was even more funny than he was in New Moon. I love his reaction to seeing Carlisle wrapping Bella’s hand. “Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time, Bella?”
“No, Emmett, I punched a werewolf.”
“Bad ass! You’re going to be one tough little newborn.”
“I’ll be strong enough to take you down.”

Then Rosalie got all mad and walked out on the porch. That’s when Bella follows her out there and Rosalie tells Bella her story.

lol yup!!! They kept SOOO much from the books. There is even the part where Bella sneaks off to go see Jacob, but Edward broke her truck

Yea, but she didn’t do it because she was MAD at Edward. It’s the scene where they’re back in school after Bella and Edward visit Renee in Florida. Jacob makes Bella aware that she was lied to by Edward and she’s not happy about that. She goes towards Jacob because she wants to talk to him. I mean, yea, she’s mad at Edward for lying to her, but she also wants to talk to Jacob about it. She gets on the back of Jacob’s bike and tells Edward he shouldn’t havie lied to her. Then Jacob tells her to hang on tight lol.
The tent scene was great!! Again, it was a lot like the book. But Edward doesn’t tell him to go fetch a space heater lol. Edward tells him no, and Jacob says she’s going to want her toes [or something along those lines]. Then Jacob moves towards Bella and Edward grabs him. Jacob says, “Get your hands off me.” Edward replies, “Keep your hands off her.” Jacob then says something like it’s going to be on Edward’s shoulders if she gets sick. The camera cuts to Bella shivering and her eyes are closed. Edward nods letting him go to her. Jacob, very sexily, pulls away the sleeping bag and [hips first] slids in right behind Bella. He looked up at Edward and smirked. Then told Bella, “You know, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.” But yes, Jacob and Edward talk like they do in the book. Obviously it’s shortened, but they talk about what if Bella chose Jacob. And Edward said he would let her go. Then at the end of the conversation Jacob says the lines that were in the book, that if they weren’t mortal enemies he would probably like him. Then he thought about it and said, “No, not even then.” Edward smiled at him. During their talk the camera flashed to Bella and sometimes her eyes would be closed, other times she would open them a little and close them quickly.

Yes, Jacob shows up at the party and Bella goes up to tell him her right hook was un-inviting him. He said he had something for her and he dangled the bracelet infront of her. He says he made it and she is in awe over it. Later on when Bella and Edward are walking up to his room for the night [alone], he just suddently hooks the heart in place. He said she should have a part of him with her, too. She says it’s pretty and then they walk into the bedroom. That’s about it for that scene.

Thanks To Spunk-Ransom

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