Newest “Breaking Dawn” Rumors Are Same Old Story

For months, speculation has swirled about the film adaptation of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Rumors repeatedly (and wrongly) announced the start of production. Each time, questions about the claims’ legitimacy flooded Gossip Cop, and each time we reported that talk of a green light was premature.

New buzz this weekend observed that IMDb Pro had changed the project’s status to “In Production.” But while it’s true the site uses the term to describe Breaking Dawn, it is not true that a potential production is any more clearly outlined than in previous weeks.

A rep for Summit Entertainment labels the adaptation “in development,” and tells Gossip Cop there is still no start date, no director, no production schedule, and no decision about whether Breaking Dawn will be one or two films.

Many outlets used the IMDb status to declare that the project will definitely begin in November 2010. This is all entirely possible. But it has not been decided for certain, and the rep called the buzz “speculative.”

Gossip Cop will report that production on Breaking Dawn is definite as soon as production decisions have actually been made.

But it’s not yet that moment. Stay tuned

Source Via http://www.gossipcop

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