Did Robert Pattinson break up Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano?

Everyone is so obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship, but what happened to Michael Angarano? Obviously Kristen and her longtime boyfriend Angarano broke up.

Robsten fans are pretty sure that Kristen and Michael broke up sometime between the start of filming for Eclipse and the summer that Kristen was in LA filming 'The Runaways' while Robert Pattinson was in New York filming 'Remember Me.'

Michael Angarano was seen at the beginning of filming for the Twilight Saga. He was with Kristen on set, and they two were spotted various times in Canada shopping, and enjoying the local scenery. But everything changed quickly.

Online rumors insisted that Robert Pattinson could not let go of his feelings for Kristen Stewart and told Kristen to make a choice. Either pick him, or Michael. Tabloids like Ok! magazine stated Rob gave Kristen the summer to decide. Well, fans it's pretty clear who she chose. After that summer the romance rumors intensified making for an akward Robsten reunion at Comic Con. Since that time Kristen has not been spotted publicly with Michaeal Angarano, but she's been seen lots of times with Robert Pattinson. Concerts, dinners, premieres, in Budapest for her birthday, and even at a hotel or two. Is this enough proof to believe that Rob's the reason Kristen and Michael broke up? I think that Kristen and Michaeal were growing apart anyway while her career began to take off, his wasn't. Plus the fact that she probably had feelings for Rob at the time. What do you think?

{Alma} Wanna know what i think?? Well I think that they were already growing apart and so here comes Rob and how can she have not fallen in love with the misterious brit right? you go kristen:) but i also think that they both started as friends and from there a beautiful love:) awwwww i love them:)

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  1. It's not nessisarily someone's fault when a couple split up. Kris and Michael never could see each other. With the start of filming New Moon, then The Runaways, then Eclipse, it was just impossible to ever see each other. Waiting in the wings was Rob, so in love with her. It wasn't his fault. Kris & Michael decided together what had to be done. It happened in April when he visited her in Vancouver.


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